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"En una entrevista con un diario, Keenan (vocalista) dijo, medio en broma, que el género de Tool es un “stew of progressive rock, Bulgarian folk metal, rock ’n’ roll, '80s disco and Christian rap that we like to call Munge” (“guiso de rock progresivo, folk metal bulgaro, rock & roll, la música disco de los 80 y rap cristiano que gustamos de llamar ‘Munge’).”

Tool - 10,000 Days (2006)[FLAC]

Track Listing:

1. Vicarious
2. Jambi
3. Wings for Marie (Pt 1)
4. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)
5. The Pot
6. Lipan Conjuring
7. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
8. Rosetta Stoned
9. Intension
10.Right In Two
11.Viginti Tres


Tool - Lateralus (2001)[FLAC]

Track Listing:

1. The Grudge
2. Eon Blue Apocalypse
3. The Patient
4. Mantra
5. Schism
6. Parabol
7. Parabola
8. Ticks & Leeches
9. Lateralus
13.Faaip de Oiad


Tool - Ænima (1996)[FLAC]

Track Listing:

1. Stinkfist
2. Eulogy
3. H.
4. Useful Idiot
5. Forty-Six & 2
6. Message to Harry Manback
7. Hooker With a Penis
8. Intermission
9. Jimmy
10.Die Eier von Satan
12.Cesaro Summability
14.(-) Ions
15.Third Eye


Tool - Undertow (1993)[FLAC]

Track Listing:

1. Intolerance
2. Prison Sex
3. Sober
4. Bottom
5. Crawl Away
6. Swamp Song
7. Undertow
8. 4°
9. Flood


Tool - Opiate EP (1992)[FLAC]

Track Listing:

1. Sweat
2. Hush
3. Part of Me
4. Cold and Ugly (live)
5. Jerk-Off (live)
6. Opiate (contains the hidden track "The Gaping Lotus Experience" )



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Dante dijo...

Gracias por el aportazo de TOOL... la cagá el formato FLAC

Anónimo dijo...

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