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Guitar - Dric Kingsbury
Synthesizer, Recorded By, Arranged By, Mixed By - Dave Choy
Written-By, Dulcimer, Guitar, Vocals - Margaret Morgan
Written-By, Guitar, Sitar, Vocals - Carlos Pardeiro
Written-By, Guitar, Tabla, Vocals - Patrick Cockett

Originally released in 1973
Recorded at Sinergia, Inc. Honolulu

'These Trails was an Honolulu, Hawaii group that was privately pressed on Sinergia Records in 1973. Their eponymous debut is an album that skillfully combines a keen sense of melody with otherworldly vocals from the enigmatic, late 'Margaret Morgan' and innovative sonic experimentation that over 30 years later has stood the test of time. What's more, the band furnished each of its tracks with the colours, scents and atmospheres of the botanical treasure of the volcanic Pacific island paradise that birthed them.

These Trails incorporate the synthesizer and multiple vocal tracks into something rich, moody and magical - with warbling frequency modulation complimenting Morgan's amazing slow vibrato, fleshed out by graceful acoustic guitars. The songs are full of simple beauty and the power of the performances will never diminish over time.

These Trails - Psyche I & Share Your Water


01. These Trails 1:24
02. Our House In Hanalei 1:51
03. Of Broken Links 1:40
04. El Rey Pescador 3:07
05. Psyche I & Share Your Water 5:22
06. Hello Lou 3:47
07. Rusty's House & Los In Space 5:49
08. Psyche II 2:30
09. Sowed A Seed 2:17
10. Rapt Attention 2:15
11. Waipoo 2:36
12. Garden Botanum 3:31


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