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Volume I: Poetry Without Words


1. Caspian: Quovis - Further Up - Further In
2. The Samuel Jackson Five: If You Show Off the
3. Neil on Impression: Stars Paint the Forest Gold
4. We vs. Death: And How to Translate It
5. Foxhole: Forgiving Monarch
6. Yndi Halda: We Flood Empty Lakes (A Lily Remix)
7. Theta Naught: Calneva Drive
8. Joy Wants Eternity: From Embrace to Embrace
9. Once We Were: Cut Corners
10.Mt: Add Obvious Errors
11.Up-c Down-c Left-c Right-c ABC + Start: Simple

Vol 1

Volume II: Acquiescence and Oblivion


1: Magyar Posse - Intercontinental Hustle
2: God is an Astronaut - Tempus Horizon
3: International Karate - A Night Without Sleep
4: The Ascent of Everest: Moving Mountains -
5: All Angels Gone - Stephen H
6: Sweek - A Dead Sleeping Forest
7: From the Sky - When the Sun Sets the Clouds on
8: Atlantis - Constantinople
9: You.May.Die.In.The.Desert - Can I Get More Steel
10:Gifts From Enola - Early Morning Ambulance
11:Capulet - Champs

Vol 2

Volume III: Unfolding a Broken Heart


1. Mr. Wednesday: The Cargo Doors Have Requested Our Cooperation
2. Dilatazione: Wendy Carlos
3. Questions in Dialect: On This Hand
4. Sumner McKane: Hello Hariet or Charlotte, We Love You
5. Jatun: The Temptation of Joy
6. Romance of Young Tigers: Long Withdrawing Roar
7. cut featuring Gibet: The Orange Line
8. Apeiron Flux: Rain Falling Like Data From a Child
9. Roncatto Braathen: Fugue
10.The American Dollar: DEA
11.Miaou: Anything Goes
12.Qua: Devil Eyes
13.Absent Without Leave: The First Rain
14.worriedaboutstan: The Last Song (First Song Remix)

Vol 3

Volume IV


1. Signal Hill: This New Year's Absence
2. Scraps of Tape: Hands in Air
3. The Bird Ensemble: Part I, Number 4
4. pg.lost: Yes I Am
5. Giants: The Palace Stands in its Proper Place
6. Beware of Safety: O'Canada
7. Amplifier Machine: Her Mouth is an Outlaw
8. Balmorhea: If You Only Knew the Rain
9. Destroyalldreamers: A Summer Without You
10.California Stories Uncovered: Untitled 1
11.Parhelia: Hindsight
12.Tunturia: Cast Shadows on Clouds
13.The Weak Men: We Fell Asleep: Abdomen

Vol 4

Volume V: I Let My Fears Get the Best of Me


1. Conclamo: Vortex Dancing
2. El Ten Eleven: Living On Credit Blues
3. Loser Superhero: Patriote 3
4. Red Light Chamber Choir: Strangers in Matching Suits
5. This is a Process of Still Life: Land Has Never Seemed Further
6. immanu el: Panda
7. Cue: Forest of Pencil Pierced Children
8. One Starving Day: Aurora
9. Souvenir’s Young America: Invocation in the Caldera
10.The Dukes of Leisure: Time Must Have a Stop
11.Hermitage: Glass
12.City of a Hundred Spires: Innisfallen
13.Omega Massif: Uter Null

Vol 5

Volume VI: Cadence


1. My Education: Bad Vibrations
2. Last Days: Two Halves of a Line
3. Morning Stalker: Bromden
4. GP~00: Achromatic
5. Underlapper: Renfeld
6. Strangers Die Every Day: Untitled
7. Building Castles Out of Matchsticks: Smile, Silly Face
8. Beast, Please Be Still: The Guys at the Bar Served Murder for a Nightcap
9. The Shy Trafficker: Ape Will Eat Chicken
10.The Evpatoria Report: Eighteen Robins Road

Vol 6

Volume VII: Có Vẻ Như Trời Sẽ Ngớt Mưa


1. Millimetrik featuring Port-Royal: Les Artefacts du Futur
2. The Ansion: I Spell Weird, Wierd
3. Boy is Fiction: Heart and Powder
4. Glowworm: The Captive
5. Beneva Vs. Clark Nova: 88 Kilos of Excrement
6. Parachutes: Your Stories
7. d_rradio: So Long
8. Arms and Sleepers: Butterflycatcher
9. Juxta Phona featuring Offthesky: Trust Roullette
10.Arctic Hospital: Northern Wish
11.Cheju: Spools (Rewound)
12.Akira Kosemura: It’s on Everything
13.Celer: Unreleased Theme for a Film
14.Tsukimono: Oh Patti Smith, When Will You Let Me Go

Vol 7

Volume VIII: Étrangement Vocal


1. Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start: Get to the Chopper
2. MON: Lukrym
3. New Century Classics: Congratulate You, Where?
4. Because of Ghosts: Dreaming is Essential
5. Tulsa Drone: Wise Blood
6. This is Your Captain Speaking: Lullaby
7. Her Name is Calla: New England
8. Mimas: Cats on Fire
9. What Seas What Shores: Rabunda
10.Glissando: With a Kiss and a Tear
11.Il Rumore del Fiore di Carta: Fallen

Vol 8

Volume IX: One Day We Will All Live Under the Sea


1. The Dead Sea: Nulla Desiderata
2. Olafur Arnalds: Fok
3. Anoice: Glitch
4. Bersarin Quartett: Mehr Als Alles Andere
5. Emanuele Errante: Fecunda
6. Peter Broderick: Atlantic
7. The Abbasi Brothers: The Social Evening (In 1992)
8. Sumner McKane: Doris
9. Cam Butler: I Surrender
10.Redhooker: Telling Time
11.Bosques de mi Mente: Nubes Apiladas en Forma de Montanas
12.Rudi Arapahoe: Conversation Piece

Vol 9

Volume X


1. Saxon Shore: Nothing Changes
2. The Autumn Project: This We Take With Us (Pre-Release Mix)
3. Codes in the Clouds: We Anchor in Hope
4. Gifts from Enola: Aves
5. If These Trees Could Talk: What’s in the Ground Belongs to You
6. Motion Turns it On: Lo Pido Con Piedad
7. Bluebridge Quartet: Untitled
8. Anduin + Jasper TX: A Beam of Light Bends Back Upon Itself
9. Paucity: Kingsley
10.From Monument to Masses: Beyond God and Elvis
11.Absent Sound: Before the Knight is Through

Vol 10

Volume XI: Wenn Ich Ein Eisbär Wäre


1. Rhian Sheehan: Standing in Silence Pt. III
2. Danny Norbury: Entrelacs
3. Sunwrae: Chinook Winds
4. Victory and Good Hunting: Mule Comes Home
5. Lawrence English: Watching it Unfold
6. Alexander Turnquist: We Are Magnets
7. FJORDNE: Vivid Memories
8. Startle the Heavens: Pearl
9. The Soul’s Release: Awake Among the Sleeping
10.Milieu: Amb7 v2
11.::thinkstandard::: If You are the One to Take Me Home
12.Library Tapes: Slow-Wave Sleep
13.Rameses III: No Water, No Moon
14.Shoeb Ahmad: Belladonna (Starlight Mix)
15. We All Inherit the Moon: Our Hearts Forever Like the Sun Pt. 1

Vol 11

2007 Rhâââ Festival Compilation


1. A Whisper in the Noise: Through Wounds We Soon Will Stitch
2. Audrey: Vague
3. Pelican: City of Echoes
4. Frank Shinobi: Captain Fiasco
5. Part Chimp: Hello Bastard
6. Crippled Black Phoenix: Goodnight, Europe
7. Arnaud Machniak: Mille Voix
8. Matt Elliott: Our Weight in Oil
9. Bracken: We Cut the Tapes and Scatter
10. K-Branding: Cutting Moment
11. Milenasong: Always Broken
12. Rothko: Declaration of Loss (Live)
13. Yndi Halda: Dash and Blast (First Half Live)
14. Pentark: Lowering SkyPentark

Vol 12

2008 Rhâââ Lovely Compilation


1. Magyar Posse: Sudden_Death
2. Youth Movies: Shh! You'll Wake It
3. The CJ Boyd Sexxxtet: Floodwaters
4. Sleeping People: Yellow Guy_Pink Eye
5. Dead Meadow: What Needs Must Be
6. Enablers: Bells
7. Rockettothesky: Hee ho and a Bottle of Rum
8. El Dinah: Riot
9. Rien: Fantawhore
10.Cupp Cave: Discrete Mathematics
11.Mutiny on the Bounty: Chico Y Consuela
12.Graffen Volder: Clito_Kat

Vol 13


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